Volunteer at Prairie Point School

Are you interested in getting more involved with PTA and/or in your child’s classroom?  We are always looking for parents who are willing to help and have a variety of opportunities that fit any schedule, from committee chair positions, to class party hosts, to simply sorting box tops one evening.

Why should you volunteer with the Prairie Point PTA?

Your child benefits.  When parents get connected to the school, children do better. Research shows children whose parents are involved perform markedly better on all kinds of vital school measures.

We pledge to honor your time constraints. If you’re reluctant to participate because you’re afraid you’ll get pulled into a black hole of never-ending time commitment, we commit that won’t happen at Prairie Point.  There are many ways to get involved in various PTA activities and committees, with flexible commitments.

Your skills and interests are needed.  Are you great at putting on a party? Do you enjoy working outdoors? Or is art your passion? No matter your interest or talent, we can use it to make Prairie Point an exciting and diverse place to learn.

Together, we can make a huge difference!


The Prairie Point PTA is looking for volunteers to fill open positions for the 2018 – 2019 school year. A list of open positions, as well descriptions, is included below.

Please consider helping out in enriching the life of our school. Many committees are short-term commitments (planning one event) and several can be done on your own time, without having to come to regular meetings or events. We gladly welcome all who may be interested — it can be lots of fun to be more involved!

To volunteer for any of these open positions, please contact Layla Barbur or Jessica Mayberry at prairiepointpta@gmail.com.

Executive Board

Co-Presidents OPEN FOR 2019-2021 TERM

The PTA Co-Presidents shall preside at all meetings, perform such duties as may be prescribed in the bylaws or assigned by the association, be a member of all committees except nominating committee.  The president must submit local unit officers’ form and verification of the local unit’s employer identification number to the state office immediately upon election of officers and no later than April 15. The co-presidents shall coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the association in order that the purposes may be promoted. In addition they must:

  • Manage overall objectives and strategies of PTA
  • Act as liaison between parents and principal / staff
  • Recruit PTA Committee Chairs
  • Create agenda and facilitate PTA general meetings
  • Create school PTA calendar and budget with Principal and Treasurer
  • Speak at Back to School Night and other events
  • Attend (or designate someone else to attend) monthly PTA Council meetings, a consortium of the PTA Presidents from all PHSD schools that meets in the District Office.

Vice President – Membership OPEN FOR 2019-2021 TERM

Responsible for managing Prairie Point PTA membership. Duties include collecting membership forms and payments, distributing packets of information to members which include membership cards, soliciting Prairie Point PTA business memberships from local area businesses, and paying membership dues to MO State and National PTA.

Vice President – Programs OPEN FOR 2019-2021 TERM

Responsible for planning, organizing, and overseeing various events and activities throughout the school year:

  • Trunk or Treat – Responsible for coordinating the Trunk or Treat in October.
  • Cookies with Santa – Responsible for coordinating the Cookies with Santa event in December.
  • Talent Show – Responsible for coordinating the all school talent show in January.
  • Bike & Safety Night – Responsible for coordinating Bike & Safety Night in September.

Vice President – Fundraising OPEN FOR 2019-2021 TERM

Responsible for organizing and running the fall and spring fundraisers. Duties include selection of fundraising company, distributing order forms, collecting order forms and payments, distributing items, and communicating with teachers, parents, and the PTA board.

Recording Secretary – OPEN NOW

The PTA Secretary is responsible for attending all PTA Board meetings and record the minutes of all meetings of the association. They must keep the official copy of the local unit’s bylaws in his/her files.

Treasurer OPEN FOR 2019-2021 TERM

The Treasurer must have custody of all of the funds of the association, keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures; make disbursements as authorized by the president, executive board or association in accordance with the budget adopted. On December 1st, the treasurer must remit to VA PTA state office and National PTA dues for the memberships received prior to Dec. 1 and remit March 1 duties received after Dec. 1 and remit dues June 30 all dues collected after March 1.  The treasurer must have checks or vouchers signed by 2 officers, preferably the treasurer and president. The treasurer must present a written financial statement at every meeting and at other times when requested and prepare an annual financial report at the close of the fiscal year. The treasurer must have accounts examined according to the auditing procedures outlined in Article VI in the bylaws and submit a copy of the 990 or 990EZ report and submitted to the state office 15 days of filing, submit a copy of the fiscal year-end audit to the state office within 30 days following the adoption of the audit of membership and perform other duties as assigned.

Committees and Coordinators

Advocacy Chair – OPEN NOW
Supports teachers, staff, and parents of students with Special Education needs. Promotes Inclusive Schools Week in September and an inclusive school environment year-round.

Family Nights Out Chair – OPEN NOW
Responsible for coordinating fundraising events at various local area restaurants and businesses, such as Papa John’s, Chipotle, Chick-Fil-A, Panera, Buffalo Wild Wings, Panda Express, Houlihans, etc.

Donuts with Divas/Dudes – OPEN NOW
Responsible for inviting families to Fall & Winter donut breakfasts to meet other families and encourage sign-up for reading to their child’s classroom.

Outreach Chair – OPEN NOW
Responsible for collaborating with the school’s Student Leadership to organize charity collections and projects.

Reflections – OPEN NOW
Responsible for implementing the National PTA Reflections Art Program at Prairie Point Elementary. Duties include communicating and publicizing program information to teachers, students, and parents; securing judges; collecting student entries; sending winning entries to County Level for further judging; and planning the Reflections awards

Room Parent/Parties Coordinator – OPEN NOW
Responsible for overseeing our Room Parents throughout the school year, sharing information on class parties, and serving as a communication channel between Prairie Point PTA and Room Parents.

Staff Appreciation Chair – OPEN NOW
Responsible for hosting and organizing staff luncheons and dinners, tokens of appreciation to staff and teachers throughout the year and planning/running events for Staff Appreciation Week in May.

Habit Lunch – OPEN NOW
Responsible for decorating, checking in parents for monthly habit lunch.

Volunteer Coordinator – OPEN NOW
Responsible for creating a volunteer database of parent volunteers as well as volunteers from the surrounding community, and for securing those volunteers for school events and activities throughout the school year via Sign Up Genius.

Questions About Volunteering? Email us at prairiepointpta@gmail.com.

To volunteer in positions working with children (including field trip chaperones), you MUST complete the volunteer application process and be approved, then you’re good to volunteer for the year!