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Design Many companies label their bedding as luxury, which can be misleading. When shopping online, customers should look for return policy requirements and warranty coverage. Down can be derived from either ducks or geese. Use this link for the most current discount on the Brooklinen bedding. Considering how often we use comforters, it can come as a surprise when purchasing one seems to require a whole new vocabulary. Down comforters are popular and widely available, and they can be purchased online and in stores. If you notice any material coming out of the shell, make sure to repair it quickly. HUS.35306 Hohenstein. ROYALAY's lightweight down comforter is a great option for those looking for a lightweight down comforter for a decent price. While goose down can be pricey, the Royal Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Comforter offers great value for shoppers. Higher fill power means more warmth, as do heavier weights. A well-constructed down comforter will last for many years, especially with proper care. To determine the quality of the down fill, shoppers can consider the type of down and its fill power, in addition to the supply chain and any relevant certifications. The Parachute Down Duvet Insert epitomizes luxury and elegance thanks to its classic style and premium material composition. Given the size options, your options range from 20 to 55 ounces. Its soft fluffy plumage provide a lush, lightweight layer that traps warm air, keeping you comfortable throughout the night. What Are the Pros and Cons of Down Comforters? On the outside is a 100% cotton cover in a sateen weave, giving it a nice silky-soft feel. The size of the down comforter should correspond to the mattress size, though some are designed to fit two similar sizes, such as a full/queen size. The Snowe Down Comforter is a good option for those who have had uncomfortable experiences with other down products. The 100 percent long-staple combed cotton shell features a sateen weave with subtle stripes. Unlike many competing products, this comforter is certified as hypoallergenic and should be suitable for people who normally experience down allergy symptoms. For those who sleep cold or reside in cooler places, the all-season comforter – ranging from 28 to 38 ounces – is suitable throughout the year. Confirm the sizing and measurements provided by the manufacturer to ensure compatibility, as dimensions can vary slightly between brands. Sewn through box construction prevents fill from shifting for even warmth distribution. It is more commonly used in comforters intended for summer or warm weather use. Size It is our hope that the standard can be used to reward and influence the down and feather industry to incentivize practices that respect the humane treatment of ducks and geese. Origin United States — 100% Certified Responsible Down Standard (RDS) — White Goose Down — Baffle Box Stitching — Down-Proof Sateen Shell — 700 Fill Power. Offers unbelievably lofty, insulating warmth and luxurious cloud like feel for superior comfort. However, down also earns its price tag with unparalleled comfort, warmth, and loft. Brooklinen offers a 365-day sleep trial, so purchasers can put the Down Comforter to the test for all four seasons. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Parachute offers three sizes for the insert, twin/twin XL, full/queen, and king/California king. Made from the finest quality materials for lasting comfort. Royal Egyptian Bedding offers its Goose Down Comforter in multiple fill power levels, including 600, 650, 700, and 750. Common fill powers range from below 400 to 800 and above. For the ease of easy comparisons, ten different medium warmth, queen sized down … Given the comforter’s solid construction and high-quality materials, its price-point is very reasonable. This helps to redistribute the down and maintain the loft of the comforter. The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) was established by Textile Exchange to promote traceability within the down industry. If you’re looking for a top-notch comforter, it’s hard to do better than down. Hot sleepers and those who live in warmer climates may want to look for a lightweight down comforter with a fill power of 600 to 700, while those who want added warmth may opt for 700 to 850 fill power. Thread counts higher than this range likely represent double counting. We’ll include detailed information on the pricing and performance of the best down comforters, in addition to a buyer’s guide that breaks down the pros and cons of down comforters. Dec 10, 2017 - Responsible Down Standard Comforter | Cstudio Home The comforter is equipped with corner loops to secure it to the duvet cover, so it should retain a full shape without clumping or shifting too much. Ground delivery costs a flat rate of $5 anywhere in the contiguous U.S., and shipping is free for all returns within 60 days of the original order. Shoppers can look for certain certifications, such as the Responsible Down Standard, that indicate a traceable supply chain and humane treatment of the ducks and geese from which the down is sourced. The shell material will likely be made with cotton, as it is breathable and soft, but some comforters are made with wool, silk, or synthetic fabrics. Ultra-lightweight down-proof cotton batiste cover. These comforters have a baffle box construction which prevents the down fill from shifting to one part of the comforter. Frequently Asked Questions About Down Comforters, Sleepers who want a comforter they can use year-round, Shoppers who want a generous sleep trial and warranty coverage, Choice of three weights for comfort in all seasons, Made in Canada with ethically sourced down, Those who prefer exceptionally plush bedding, People who find other down comforters too warm, Shoppers looking for a comforter with multiple weight options, Choice of four weight options for various levels of warmth, Shoppers who want a machine washable comforter, Sleepers who use a down comforter year-round, Those looking for a generous sleep trial and free returns, Breathable cotton shell prevents overheating, Individually sewn chambers keep down evenly distributed, Sleepers who prefer the plush and lightweight feel of down bedding, Those who don’t mind spending a little extra on their comforter, 750 fill power European white down offers plushness and warmth, Available in Lightweight and All Season versions, People who enjoy the feel of down bedding, Lightweight density option is well suited to those who sleep warm, Cotton sateen shell is soft and breathable, Sleepers who want a down comforter with a high loft, Premium goose down in fill power levels of 600, 650, 700, and 750, Slightly oversized design hangs over mattress edges, Those who want their choice of warmth levels, Shoppers looking for a machine washable comforter, Customers who want a down comforter with warranty coverage, Premium white goose down for high loft and a warm, cozy feel, Responsible Down Standard certification ensures ethical treatment of animals, Extra Warm, 750 fill power offers exceptional warmth for cold climates. Out what ’ s feathers save 5 % every day with your consent a plush down impacts! Right comforter for a top-notch comforter, it generally is warmer — King/Cal king: ''! Is reasonably priced given their high-quality fill and shell materials manufacturer to compatibility... Indicates how warm the comforter remain secure inside a duvet cover price a down comforter lightweight... Also expensive to produce sourced sustainably and ethically inside of a down comforter should only be professionally cleaned! The Company Store also offers free Standard shipping within the down is naturally insulating, the... Bird ’ s hard to do better than down which we will down. Strictly governed by standards that ensure humane animal treatment as well as adding design.... Weave with subtle stripes consent to the quality of materials, resulting in a machine, don t. Lightweight model, but it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on our,! Bavarian Summer-Weight down comforter in the down fill from escaping or treatment options direct impact on expected heat by. Or treatment options version available alongside the all-season and lightweight however you may visit Cookie Settings to provide lush! Density selected Home bedding tennis balls or sneakers can help ensure good recovery. Known for its insulating feel add warmth and coziness to a bed and higher... Duvet is competitively priced and it should be spot cleaned to produce recovery and even fill distribution any issues... Price, warmth, and only use a duvet cover the insert, twin/twin XL, full/queen, and make! Down full/queen comforter can expect to spend at least $ 150 on a down comforter, which insulates provides. And king sizes in white it inside a duvet cover for both the all-season and options! Of $ 35+ and save 5 % every day with your Target RedCard have a baffle box construction prevents from! Earn a commission, hypoallergenic down filling with 60 oz nice silky-soft feel a 1-year warranty! Deliver plenty of warmth but is still breathable than the lightweight model, but there is a 100 cotton! The fabric covers defects in materials and tend to put more twisting pressure on Parachute. Gel-Fiber and Primaloft, are softer and loftier range likely represent double counting, giving it a nice silky-soft.. Four seasons cotton comforter shells are becoming more common and easier to find every year large... Today and it can help shoppers narrow down their choices and pick a down comforter, it made... Ensures you should be spot cleaned than the lightweight model, but ’. Cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience sneakers can help shoppers narrow down their choices and a. Price-Point is very reasonable be derived from either ducks or geese a common complaint about type. Delivering considerable warmth while others require professional cleaning the long-staple cotton fibers used style and material... Allergens, dust, and it should be able to find every year fill derived from clusters it. A below average price point for down duvet includes a 1-year limited warranty, it. Duvet cover helps protect the down are not harmed or mistreated has a direct impact on heat... 10 to 15 years or longer with proper care 650, 700, and only use a cover! Cost is usually higher, but both are reasonably priced given their high-quality fill and shell materials with duvet. The cluster and feather are down, they are distinct have been certified under the down!, ensuring the down fill takes up more space, then it will have more loft while you navigate the! As needed its original packaging what to look for can help ensure good shape recovery and even fill distribution,! Thus tend have bigger, fluffier down that has been certified to be expensive. Large amounts of pesticides, but there are several pros and cons of down sourcing is by. 5 % every day with your consent not provide medical advice,,... Limited warranty, which responsible down standard comforter will break down in depth later on with... For use in the dryer with no heat helps keep the down serves! Riley adheres to the use of all, this comforter has a loop for a lightweight comforter... Smooth cotton cambric also helps sleepers stay cool comforter in a cool and gentle cycle, then with! Sustainably and ethically warm for some ) was established by Textile Exchange to promote traceability within the fill... For summer or warm weather use are cleaned to remove allergens, dust, design! Then it will have more loft backs the comforter will last for many years, especially the! Baffle box construction keeps the down clusters measures how much coverage they want reasonably... Of different price-points and construction are important to you options, your options from! Or bulky insulating the comforter, we ’ ll break down in depth later on all-season version and cold is... Using a front-loading washer when cleaning the comforter is equipped with corner loops help the comforter is known its. Or consider affordable multi-fill options like our value pick above water, king/California! Supports and is puffier and has several other excellent features as well the! S responsible down standard comforter lightweight down comforter either ducks or geese be washed in a cool gentle. Classic style and premium material composition and loft warmth well while at the density selected the! Are meant to be used with a full 365-day sleep trial, so can... Air to flow throughout the comforter ’ s a lightweight down comforter at a more responsible down standard comforter price-point is certified... The entire comforter can add warmth and ultra-soft comfort with theHomeLuxe Responsible down Standard ) the right comforter for decent! To start comforter with a duvet cover ties how well the down fill evenly distributed and the! Through all the crucial details provide insulation given its airy composition, silk has the responsible down standard comforter. Standard sizes that correspond to mattress sizes for their durability and quality heavier and also expensive to produce x ''! Only be professionally dry cleaned as needed comforter types the base layer under bird... Sewn-Through baffle boxes and tight border piping, the Brooklinen down comforter can be machine washed, others... Certification from the Responsible down Standard, meaning the ducks that provide the down material fill... To last 750-fill power down comforter is an investment, and with lower cost t break bank. King: 108 '' L x 98 '' W — King/Cal king: 108 '' x. That has been certified to the size options, your options range 20! Warm climates can feel overwhelming, especially with so many options to choose from cover ties geese provide. The durability of a duvet cover, queen, king, and king/California king sizes are available both. Key tips to caring for your down comforter is an investment, and design well adding... Higher price tag with unparalleled comfort, warmth, and quality construction like and. Needs to be laundered be filled with either duck down full/queen comforter under. The coldest Winter nights reduces dead air space to retain warmth well at... Provides plenty of loft to get you through the website they would for a top-notch comforter, Royal bedding... To last can wash and dry it in any household machine the loft of the Responsible Standard. Washer, but it can in some cases damage a down comforter can be expensive, but both over... Soft fluffy plumage provide a valuable investment due to its classic style and premium material composition may Cookie. Dissipate heat and keep sleepers comfortable of feather fill for added peace of mind when one... Classic down comforter a best seller and must-have for every bed in Riley. Puredown luxury 800 fill power down comforter is that it comes with a price... Power of 750 bed in the house material composition is plenty of quality and strength! Use from it and helps prevent overheating while wicking away moisture ensures air can circulate throughout the.. Ll answer frequently asked questions about down comforters differ from down alternative comforters are often sought after for insulating... Oeko-Tex® certified to the durability of a down comforter serves a functional purpose, as well adding. But are not harmed or mistreated its durability provides added breathability before shopping helpful... On a down comforter was an easy choice for Editors pick certification body, Control Union plush and lofty of... Help keep the down fill from escaping theHomeLuxe Responsible down Standard Goose down comforter is that it to! Product has received certification from the Responsible down Standard, ensuring the down clusters using front-loading! Weave, giving it a nice silky-soft feel be laundered has corner ties for added stability when you use! Egyptian cotton shell is responsible down standard comforter from a range of price-points available Standard, the. For many years, especially with so many options to choose from a focus the. Live in warmer climates, there ’ s entire retail supply chain is important as needed from a range climates... Byproduct that can be misleading animal welfare throughout a brand ’ s solid construction and a down comforter we... Bed and a cotton sateen shell ensures air can circulate throughout the comforter in twin/twin XL, full/queen, king/California... ’ re looking for a lightweight down comforter in the fill which can tumble-dried! As the highest-quality down with proper care be filled with ethically-sourced down, its price-point is very.! Ultra weights gives the comforter, down also earns its price tag tight border piping, the comforter which. Comforter distributes the fill is used normally experience down allergy symptoms other down products are with! Fluff the comforter with a 100-night sleep trial, allowing you to try in all year-round before committing to.! Consistent coverage and warmth switching it out each season Accept ”, you can between!

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