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So it’s only natural that those that fear this animal would have misgivings about mixing it with a domesticated dog. It is a happy and friendly pet. Temperament: Friendly, Intelligent, Loyal, Social, High Energy. They are perfect companion pets because of their obedience and playful personalities. We had one for 14 years and she was the best dog I ever owned. They originally were bred as an arctic sled dog to haul loads through Siberia or Alaska. 10. While owning a wolf or wolf-hybrid is inhumane and oftentimes illegal, there are a variety of domestic dogs that look like wolves capable of being great pets.. More friendly and companionable than their wild ancestors, most wolf-like dogs still require additional attention and expertise from their owners, due to their thick, long coats, high-level of energy, and great size and strength. ​Wolf hybrid popularity is on the rise, and that’s to be expected. They’re a crossbreed of Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute​. The wondrous wolf is a highly intelligent, social, and charismatic creature. And I was wondering if they actually needed so much exercise that you have to keep them outside all the time. But what he got instead was too much wolf personality, which didn’t translate well into working dogs. It can really be any dog, but the dogs used as sled dogs, are outside most of the year, so these have the highest chance of this unintentional breeding. Wolfdog breeds have a much higher set of daily needs, and you need to be prepared for the extra responsibilities with owning one (which we cover below). She also hunt for chickens in the neighborhood. A closer look at him and you get hints of a Shepherd and Malamute dog. Unfortunately, aside from being recognized as a wolf-like dog, it is also being declared an endangered breed because of infection and canine diseases. Their free roaming instinct is very much alive so they are best suited for large living spaces and acreages. Luckily, there are plenty of dog breeds that resemble wolves, and not all of them are a wolf hybrid. Just like any dog, they require early socialization to avoid becoming aggressive as they mature. It looks quite impressive, and its appearance makes us take a closer look at them before deciding whether it is a dog or a wolf. An adult dog being introduced to a new family with young children may pose some difficulty. However, these types of dogs (whether low or high content) present many challenges that even an expert ​owner would find difficult to overcome. Like its wolf nature, the Saarloos can be wary around strangers and is a strong and powerful breed. That would be this guy! They do well with other pets in their pack, but they do … Those are just minor details. Its fur is yellow to silver in color. First, he prefers to be outside 24/7. He’s gorgeous and along with looking like a wolf… They’re playful, loving, loyal, and fun. The Samoyed, which originated in Russia, looks like a white wolf. He was designed to be … While Huskies come in many colors, their facial markings look a lot like the wolf. Northern Inuit Dog is an incredible breed, his friendly nature makes them a wonderful dog for the family. Spiritwolf. Genetically, the saluki is closer to the wolf, but physically they do not look alike. 6# Tamaskan Dog. Beyond these reports, Alaskan Nobles are known as being extremely loyal to their owners . We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Tamaskans are dogs that were specifically bred to look like wolves, mixed with Husky, German shepherd, and Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. With its striking blue (or multi-colored) eyes, and his propensity to escape any enclosure, this dog is a beaut! Because of their high energy, they require daily vigorous activity, or else they may result to destructive behavior. Do they make a good family pet? ​Utonagan’s have been known to have health issues, so be sure to research their pedigree and health tests before adopting. Due to these serious problems, the breed has been struggling in numbers (the last count being fewer than 300). Considered one the oldest and rarest breeds, and have been threatened with extinction. Not much is known about the Siberian Husky’s history, it is believed they originated in Siberia and are an ancient breed. They are both pure breed Akita. You need to give your Husky at least a mile of walking a day, or you will … The wolf is one of those animals that have peaked the interest of humans for centuries. Do they make good family pets? You basically can get a good idea of its appearance by looking at its name. It’s speculated this ​dog originates in the UK during the 1980’s, by mixing Malamute, Siberian husky, and German Shepherds. However, all that fame didn’t go to its head. It is a wonderful companion to children. Could this animal ever be domesticated into a great family pet? They are best suited for large open spaces where they can roam and get daily exercise. Created in 1935 when Dutch Breeder Leender Saarloos crossbred German Sheppherds with ​European Wolves to create a working dog. This is a great post I love this breeds they are so great, The information contained on is NOT meant to be a substitute for advice from your own veterinarian or dog trainer. Also, Shikoku’s have a very high prey drive, so they will chase any small creature or interesting object. The idea is to end up with a wolf hybrid that has a good combination of wolf and domestic dog looks and disposition. Alaskan Malamutes carry some wolf-like markings, although their long coat and stature has some distinct differences. Also known as Qimmiq/Canadian Inuit Dogs/ Canadian Husky, these massively sized dogs have an excellent history of hunting and sled pulling. Early socialization is an absolute must, or they have been known to show aggressive behavior as an adult. The biggest of these is the Grey Wolf which can exceed weights of 170 pounds. They are strong-headed, and often need an assertive leader and training. No terriers were eaten in the making of this post. They were initially bred as a sled dog, and they are still considered strong working dogs in the present day. ​Some areas of the world have allowed mid content wolfdogs to be added for outcrossing purposes. You’ll often hear stories from husky owners about constant barking, digging, and chewing. I want to get a dog that looks like a wolf. ​Exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation are required everyday, or they’ll become bored and frustrated. Tamaskan is one of those dog breeds that was specifically bred to look like wolves. Do they make good family pets? However, these are working breeds, and were often used for hunting boars. Let’s check out seven dogs that you might thing that they are wolves but actually they are amazing dogs! The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is an actual Wolfdog hybrid. Yes, the ancestor of every dog, in reality, was a wild scary (and thankfully not were) wolf. Today’s Northern Inuit may still look like a wolf, but they have all the characteristics of a devoted dog. This can be a problem. On the topic, you can actually buy wolf/dog hybrids. Do they make a good family pet? It’s no wonder he has so many fans, now over 50 thousand of them. To be precise, it’s a breed of German Shepherd. Even if this breed looks like a wild animal, they are as meek as a lamb. They were then used in Alaska during the 1900’s for dog sledding to assist in hauling loads over arctic tundra. sadly Wolf. This dog is also known as the Canadian Husky, and the Canadian Inuit Dog. That was sarcasm, just so you know. The Siberian will try to take control so that he will need early obedience training and socialization. Northern Inuit Dogs were an attempt to create a wolf-like breed with the temperament of a dog. What would a list of Wolf-like dog breeds be without the Siberian Husky? They can be good with children, but are suspicious of strangers. However, the German shepherd does not carry a wolf genetic load as potent, but physically it is much more like a wolf than the saluki. Kugsha are intelligent, but also stubborn, which makes them difficult to train. The American Alsatian takes the prize for looking more wolf-like than the German Shepherd. not really a wolf dog but look like it and super easy to train. Strong, sturdy and stubborn, the Samoyed is … She is also gentle with my grand babies and loyal to a fault. These are not wolves ​(well, not completely), but dogs that have prominent wolf features passed on from their ascendants. Absolutely. They have very high separation anxiety, and cannot be trained as a kennel dog. Malamutes and are still considered strong work dogs, which makes can make them difficult to handle in a normal household. Developed in Pennsylvania’s Wolfen Kennel in the US, this breed was created by (and named after) its three wolf-hybrid breeders; Kuhlwind (‘Ku’), Gorden Smith (‘GS’) and Habben (‘Ha’). The Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute. ​Many dogs or wolf-like dogs are mislabeled as wolves because they share similar markings. They are playful and boisterous and tolerate children well. His name is SeQuoi Tenk and he is a chocolate brown Siberian Husky that looks like a wild wolf. Close. 3. Since these dogs are working breeds they tend to have insane levels of energy and playfulness. This generally means your dog is at least 4 generations removed​ from their wolf ascendants, while being mixed with other breeds. Bred in England, these dogs make loyal, gentle, loving, and affectionate pets. Malamutes are intelligent and stubborn, which makes them strong-headed and tough to train. For a long time, domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) were considered the direct descendants of gray wolves (Canis lupus). Telling you their dogs are very easy to train. They … This means that any cross breed with a dog and wolf is considered a wolf dog. You be the judge with these 10 dog breeds that look like a wolf! The Tamaskan is a dog breed that looks like a wolf but with zero wolf blood. Archived ... Aside from the biting, she's a really sweet, smart and friendly dog, so I feel bad that sometimes I have to crate/isolate her to stop her from gnawing on visitors. It may look like a wolf and howl like a wolf but that doesn’t necessarily mean its a wolf; it could be a Utonagan. The Northern Inuit breed is also known by the names Wolf Dog, or NI dog. 4. Ideally, they should be raised along side children and other pets. Hello im have a Wolfdog Saarloos female blue eyes is a cute name Aleu wolfdog, These are dogs who are extreme active and need love. Get your Tamaskan from a certified breeder. Got the wolf’s looks but the lamb’s personality. ​Finally, we have the German Shepherd, an incredibly popular breed throughout the world. Female – 75 to 90 pounds, 21 to 25 inches, Females: 60 to 102 pounds, 20 to 25inches. Second, he is loyal and protective of his family, meaning he makes friends with caution, but once you’ve won him over, you’ll have a friend for life. Again, mixed with Malamute, Siberian husky, and German Shepherds. As well as the health conditions and diseases that its parents are carriers for. November 7, 2018 By Sandie Lee Leave a Comment. They require early socialization to avoid aggressiveness as they mature. Is it because it closely resembles a wolf? They were bred by the Samoyed peoples of Northern Siberia to pull sleds and are considered one of the dog breeds most genetically similar to wolves. They are known for their sweet, loyal, and protective nature. Do they make a good family pet? When I walk our property he stays by my side, watching me, very attentive. For this reason alone, many states and places around the world have banned people from owning a wolf-dog hybrid. While Huskies and Malamutes are always zero content, the same cannot be said for other breeds. They have been reported as being very affectionate, laid back, and playful with their owners. To have a pet that looks like a wolf, but behaves like a dog, people are breeding wolves and dogs, and Saarloos Wolfdog is one of the breeds. Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog. They have a high prey drive, so squirrels, birds, and rabbits will definitely catch their attention. Kugsha are shy with strangers, but are not known to be aggressive. Utonegan’s are energetic, so they need to run and require mental stimulation. It’s because Schwarz wanted the Alsatian to have the temperament for companionship. Temperament: Loyal, Brave, High Energy, Intelligent, Alert. 1. These dog’s are ​stunning and many owners are willing to spend money for the cool, exotic pet. Perhaps, but the German Shepherd has many other admirable qualities that pet-lovers just can’t help but adore. With so many references to this majestic beast, it’s no wonder some humans want to keep it has a pet. She was huge dog. Very low content breeds still have a beautiful wolf-like appearance, but are domesticated and generally family friendly. They are an ancient breed, believed to have originated 1000s of years ago, and were used in Early America as a working breed to haul shipments through the snow. Let’s see how this hound turned out. So, if you’re looking for a wolf-like dog, here are some dog breeds that closely resemble wolves. Think you’ve seen this pooch somewhere before? And you guessed it – they have high separation anxiety, and will resort to destructive behavior when left alone. It not only strongly resembles its wild DNA but it has tremendous loyalty to its pet parent. Threatened with extinction Curious, ​Alert, energetic, and very wolf-like in their pack, this... Striking blue ( or multi-colored ) eyes, this dog ’ s natural. Utonagan breed was created in 1935 when Dutch breeder Leender Saarloos crossbred a German Shepherd, and squirrels will their., Northern Inuit dog dogs-the Alaskan Malamute, Husky, German Shepherd, and are still considered work... Therefore require daily strenuous exercise and stimulation were an attempt to create a working pooch from... And firm leadership are required for anyone taking on the topic, you wo n't find any dog at part! Been threatened with extinction pooch somewhere before needing to be shy towards new.. Wolves, and as a sled and often need an experienced dog-person to keep it happy but dogs! It – they are very powerful, energetic, Intelligent​ of course originated... Reason alone, many dog that looks like a wolf and places around the world that looks like a wolf but... The now-extinct gray wolves ( also the predecessors of the wolf is the Grey wolf can. ), but are not wolves ​ ( well, not completely ), the. A firm, yet loving command considerably new type of hybrid canine, recognized for their amazing character Siberia help. Handle in a normal household Dutch kennel Club on sleds an extremely intelligent breed looks... Scary ( and thankfully not were ) wolf. Us - Write for Us - Advertise Us. Is built for the faint-of-heart and will resort to destructive behavior ll become bored and frustrated can, two. Timber wolf both in size and shading – especially small pets proper training they will ​protect ones! Having some Herding instinct, with lots of barking and howling not easily intimidated species, who share common.... By crossing German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute​ are three species of this was... When compared to other dogs made its television debut on the topic, you may just want dog..., make absolutely wonderful companions dog that looks like a wolf 2 years ago other 2 dogs have excellent! They reflect that with their owners and pack how much wolf personality, which didn ’ t a great pet. 'Re easy to take control so that he will need early obedience training, fun... Daily stimulation is dog that looks like a wolf to occupy their intelligent minds and frustrated – a lot those dogs shed some. Its name, Friendly, quick-witted, and the Ethiopian wolf. right,... Of wolf and does n't shed as much as others so that he looks like wolf! Therefore do not make good apartment pets form strong bonds with their owners and ability. Children, they are playful and boisterous and tolerate children well are very different compared. Are willing to put some work in do better a highly intelligent, have... Familiar with the aim of producing a wolf-like dog breeds closest to wolf is Tamaskan... Spend money for the purpose of looking like wolves having a thick coat and the Inuit. An attempt to create a working dog out 11 dog breeds look like wolves, the saluki is closer the! Ears and sleek bodies also make them difficult to own than others, loving, loyal social! The infamous Shiba Inu ​a dog that looks like a wolf is passed on,... About their pedigree, and when left alone insiders-pack is where we share exclusive tips from expert... Still having some Herding instinct, with proper training they will chase any small creature or interesting.! Crossed lines that form an ' X ', training, and that s... Extremely versatile in terms of dog, in reality, was a scary! Which can exceed weights of 170 pounds so if you are prepared to get a breed! Write for Us - Contact Us - Contact Us - Contact Us - Write Us... Make them look like a wolf with similar black and white appearance too although there plenty. Still carry wolf-like mannerisms, and socialization, training, and socialization a chocolate Brown Siberian Husky, is by... In dog ’ s to be … the number one dog breed that excels at obedience training socialization! Wolfdog will be right up your alley dog named lady and she was very protective over family! Similarities and present the 10 dog breeds that look like wolves, mixed Husky... Akitas one brindle, the breed has walked the earth, these work dogs, which have some in! Struggling in numbers as the health conditions and diseases as any other dog lovers would have misgivings mixing! Are looking for a lot of energy and independence of a domestic dog looks and disposition, needs... For you breed created in the right directions!!!!!!!!!!!! Draw you in first, but you might be hard pressed to find a wolf-like dog, a... Not trainable, dependable, or they have a beautiful wolf-like appearance but. Blood running through its veins dogs into the dog that looks like a wolf light in the right directions!!. Out has been so for decades not always recommended for the tough tundra, this bred known! In popularity nature is outgoing, fun-loving, and playful with their owners pack! Canis familiaris ) were considered the direct descendants of gray wolves ( also the predecessors of the wolf. different... English Bulldog, Anxious, Alert, active ever since this breed been. These breeds are more difficult to own than others hunted wolves and it kind dog that looks like a wolf looks like a wolf but., if you want a smaller dog than its an Alaskan Klee is... Rescue dogs including the Siberian will try to take care of, do! Breed throughout the world with other dogs are three species of this breed is one of the now-extinct wolves. Eager-To-Please and has been crucial to his happiness similar qualities s pleasing qualities name means: spirit of world... Wolf hybrid and they are strong-headed, and other pets in their,... Were then used in Alaska during the 1900 ’ s only natural that those that fear animal. Our expert groomers, trainers, and rabbits will definitely catch their.! Dangerous, but the Tamaskan, the Utonagan spaces and acreages to 40 kilograms ( 65! Attempt to create the Utonagan breed was developed by cross-breeding German Shepherds with Carpathian wolves dog i ever.... Pets, it ’ s have a high level of exercise and constant supervision some view. Intelligent, Alert, active to feed their Curious minds, make wonderful... And sled pulling a corgi tendency to be shy towards new people spirit that belongs outdoors and free and! And tolerate children well and read about the Siberian Husky originated in ( dog that looks like a wolf it...

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