bash for loop one line

This is a more robust solution rather than assigning individual arguments to a variable as here we don't have to … Sequential background commands in a one liner for loop I'm trying to get the following script in a one-liner (since it's for a C system() call) #!/bin/bash for file in dir do (command file ; rm file) & done Video 01: 15 Bash For Loop Examples for Linux / Unix / OS X Shell Scripting Conclusion. You learned how to use the bash for loop with various example. I am trying get a output printed on a same line using echo command in bash script. Bash For Loop Example In tcsh, both foreach and end must appear alone on separate lines, so you cannot create a for loop on one line as you can with Bash and similar shells. However, for complicated IT automation tasks, you should use tools like Ansible, Salt, Chef, pssh and others. The bash $(

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