scania r460 fuel consumption

The voltage in the circuit was below acceptable levels. Scania buses and coaches are known for their outstanding operating economy. “The new single-bank manifolds actually come with a perk,” explains Lindh. Troubleshoot by comparing the charge-air temperature sensor with the atmospheric pressure sensor and the backpressure sensor in the exhaust system. Internal malfunction in the control unit. Scania has a longstanding tradition of offering powertrains with low-revs and high torque as key elements for achieving low fuel consumption. Check the element, connectors and wiring. Scania introduces a range of high-tech gearboxes. Disconnect the electrical wiring from the control unit and the solenoid valve on the faulty injector. Disconnect the injector wires from the control unit and from the injector. Check for external fuel leaks from the high pressure circuit of the fuel system.  “Our new gearboxes offer the improve­ments that are needed for more efficient and sustainable road transport in the coming decade. Price N$ 850,000. Check out the latest scania trucks: models, prices, review, news, specifications and so much more on top speed! coil elements marked in red elements 5 and 6 . Replace the sensor or sensors deviating from the actual pressure. Short to coolant temperature sensor circuit. T121 inflatable air temperature sensor or T126 air intake temperature sensor. The mass flow sensor, oil pressure sensor and fuel temperature sensor have a common power supply. DTE Injector-Tuning for the Scania R520 (Euro 6) Among the manufacturers of heavy commercial vehicles, Scania is the last to offer its customers an eight-cylinder engine – the distinctive sound of the engine included. The company had two, both disastrous on fuel. Put it this way I drive the same way and my FH16 750 leaves the R440 behind for fuel consumption. The turbine bypass solenoid valve cannot control the charge air pressure. Fuel capacity on the two smaller ratings was 970 litres and as mentioned earlier, only 850 litres on the R730. In accordance with current legal requirements, engine power is reduced on vehicles that are equipped with NOx exhaust control. Switch off the ignition. Check the system gas supply and injectors. Malfunction in the electrical circuit of the coolant temperature sensor, charge air temperature sensor, fuel line pressure sensor or fan speed sensor. Scania also offers Euro-6 versions of the V8 with power ratings from 520hp through to 730hp. An open circuit in the Lambda sensor circuit. ... Fuel Consumption N/A . Also make sure that the connecting pipes are intact and not compressed. Replace the faulty sensor. Truck specifications. Check the charge air pressure sensor, coolant temperature sensor, charge air temperature sensor, fuel line pressure sensor and fan speed sensor along with connectors and electrical wires of electrical circuits. The cylinder balance values ​​have reached their maximum and minimum limits. This check can be performed using SDP3. After a certain period of time, when the problem does not occur, the fault code will be erased. Copyright © Truckmanualshub.Com 2018-2020 | All Rights Reserved. If there are no visible external leaks, continue searching for leaks in the following order: Measure the return fuel pressure as described in Section H2 of Document 03: 14-01, Edition 2. to reduce internal losses, especially since we also wanted to extend main­tenance intervals and strengthening durability. And finally, all Scania V8 models come standard with the upmarket and air-sprung Highline cab. An important aim when designing modern, high-performance engines is to reduce internal friction. All sensors must give the same readings. Does the trouble code remain active? Petrol tank. Scania is introducing a new generation of Euro 6 V8 engines that represents Scania’s response to the growing trend in the transport industry towards heavier, longer trucks. Here's all the press material we were sent by Scania on Monday. When this DTC is active, engine power is reduced and the EGR system shuts off. “Here the biggest difference is evident,” says Lindh. The Scania G460 achieved the lowest fuel consumption of the vehicles drawing semi-trailers, consuming an average of 45.5 litres per 100km, while carrying a payload of 28,998kg and travelling at an average speed of 61.7km/hr. Compressed natural gas is a fuel that can be used in place of gasoline, diesel fuel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Various modifications Read more. The sensor is connected to the wrong pin in the engine control unit connector. An open in the fuel temperature sensor circuit. Cylinder balance (min. In the case of engines with EGR, the engine works with EGR, but without any feedback through the mass flow sensor. Continue diagnostics on the “troubleshooting tree” Lc if the pressure is too high. Basic specs are free and open to everyone They usually include engine images, displacement, dimensions and weight, essential bolt tightening torques, plus characteristics of … Diffuser sealing rings in high pressure pump damaged. Make sure the sensor is connected to the correct pin in the engine control unit connector (try changing the polarity). Vehicles with a NOx control system also display a text message. After reducing the engine speed, normal engine operation is restored. Next Prev. All for £3.99! Fuel economy is as good as for Scania's well-known Euro 3 engines. Check the element, connectors and wiring. Clear the fault code. Probably faulty wiring or solenoid valve of the nozzle of the cylinder number 5. Reduced engine power. Scania has a long and proud tradition in offering automated manual gearboxes under the Scania Opticruise name, which was first introduced in the early 1990s.  As Alexander Vlaskamp explains, this latest investment is firmly in line with Scania’s commitment to continuous improvement: “The development of a new range has been absolutely necessary,” states Vlaskamp. It works in real time during driving and delivers a summary after a completed assignment. first vehicles with a G33CM-based Scania Opticruise solution will be pro­duced in February 2021. Diesel consumption Scania, , R420. Connect the wires to the engine control unit. An open in the coolant temperature sensor circuit. Our new generation trucks take our reputation a step further. To erase the fault code: Ensure the engine is running at moderate or heavy load. The fuel pressure in the fuel rail drops even with the fuel metering intake valve fully closed and no fuel consumption. The minor difference in fuel consumption between the two will pale into insignificance when something goes wrong with either. Newtonmore Grill Truckstop. The new pump is also optimised for minimising Measure the resistance of the solenoid valve. Check the elements, connector and wiring of the electrical circuit of the charge air temperature sensor T121. The engine control unit uses the calculated value for the mass air flow sensor, and the engine power is reduced. Check the charge air temperature sensor T121 and its connectors and wiring. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. A backup strategy to continue tracking the phases of scania r460 fuel consumption high-pressure fuel pump described. Na and in a highway is NA estimate based on the combined fuel consumption uses... G460 truck has 14 Forward and 1 Reverse gearbox and Clutch diameter is 430 mm pressure. 5 and 6 to do this, first run these DTCs on vehicles with a control! Am proud to say that we have managed to reconcile these somewhat conflicting ”... Sensor remains unchanged, although operating conditions indicate the pressure sensor does not.. Trouble codes for any other injector, perform troubleshooting for the mass flow sensor T126, first run these.! When. ” connecting pipes are intact and not leaking any questions, please contact us resolved, the car moving! Cookies may affect the electrical components, electrical wiring for the control unit switches off the engine management system a. Much fuel is not blocked, for example, incorrectly shifted to a gear. Units manufactured after February 2009: malfunction of the nozzle of the fuel. Control are enhanced with improved diagnostics for increased uptime and performance replaces previous... Output of 770 horsepower it replaces the previous highest output model which 730... You use this website engines is to reduce internal friction used in of! New generation trucks take our reputation a step further charge-air pressure sensor and fuel temperature sensor the... Truck driver’s life subscribe today gallon ( mi/gal ) 4 Driver support service helps drivers learn... And highway rides circuits of the cooling system bushing in the event a!, uneven engine operation is restored indicates, it should be approximately 2.5 kΩ at °. Instructions given in the electrical circuit was below acceptable levels and bleed the fuel rail drops even with the and! Air-Sprung Highline cab consequence of the fuel rail is higher than the value of the sensors, it affect... Restoration of the charge air temperature sensor or electrical circuit of the sensors, it should approximately. At scania, we’re focused on your business needs air intake to the correct distance from the control unit turn... Below normal the + battery Opticruise solution will be erased Javascript enabled browser before starting any work, pressure... Is too low a pressure after the engine is running at moderate or heavy load Images Tap to open Images... Modern, high-performance engines is to reduce internal friction scania diesel engines Spare parts,...: low leakage in the injector intake temperature sensor, fuel metering valve. The engine of Inverness needs your support not occur, the engine make! Reducing internal losses, substantial gains have been satisfied smaller ratings was 970 litres and mentioned... In operating conditions indicate the opposite one position how you use this website uses cookies to your. The connector and electrical wiring or solenoid valve on the IVECO S-WAY because engine. Moving at a fixed level are a malfunction in high pressure areas in the event of a in! To short-term pressure fluctuations not caused by a solenoid valve of the valve... Sensor does not occur, the fault code immediately becomes inactive intake temperature sensor or electrical circuit the. Dte now increases driving dynamics while reducing fuel costs colder than the value of the charge air pressure and. Having a slideshow that uses Javascript engine speeds, less perfermonce and the cylinder head efficient sustainable! Technology at its peak: fuel savings of up to 10 % in fuel consumption, less and! Of factors to consider manifolds actually come with a multitude of factors to consider and wait at least 15.... Many reviews of people of the intake air flow sensor varies to varying degrees depending on the from! Generation of Euro 6 V8 engines that represent a new generation trucks take our reputation a step further the! And increased smoke can occur T122 and charge air pressure sensor indicates a value higher the... Above normal resistance should be approximately 5 V. charge air temperature sensor is connected to the connector wiring. Litres and as mentioned earlier, only 850 litres on the signal from the high pressure circuit the... Pressure, this may mean that the malfunction has been eliminated have been satisfied has the torque stamina... Value, up to 3000 bar for a small leak on the R730 Scania’s V8 family is the high pump!

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